Interior and photo books.

Interior, 18.03.2019

New home, new interior, new everything.

The first blogpost showing you our new furniture, our decoration and things we love for our living room.

In the beginning it was very hard to decide which style we want to have for our living room. We are still not done yet and every time we want to add a new piece of furniture it is hard for us to decide what fits best, but I hope everything will find its way over time and hopefully it will look good in the end.

Now I’m showing you our first pieces of our living room starting with the most amazing golden velvet couch.

Velvet Couch, Vintage Tables & Golden Details.

The couch is the ultimative eye-catcher. We wanted something cool, something stylish, something special. We are more than happy with it, it’s big and comfy and it was definitely the right decision to go with the golden velvet couch.

The tables are vintage finds. We have three of a kind and really love them. Just keep your eyes wide open and you’ll probably find similar ones on eBay, other vintage furniture websites, or flea markets.

As you may see, we decided to go gold so you’ll find golden details everywhere. The tables, the golden lamp, the mussel

The little fluffy carpet is just temporarily, we love it but it’s too tiny. We’re still looking for the perfect carpet for our living room, but as I already told you it is sometimes hard to decide what we really want, what really fits…so let’s see- I’ll keep you updated.

Photobooks & Art .

The photobook Holidays is from Henrik Purienne. We are big fans of his amazing work and aestehtics. It is my favorite book for inspirations and moods. You should definitely follow his work.

Another photo book we own is from Pierrot namend ‚ROMANCE‘. Here you can find a lot of detail shots, black and white as well as nature shots.

The third one is a book of Kate Moss. I’m a huge fan of her. She definitely is an icon, a women to admire and I’m always down to get inspired by her.






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    Bijoux de Lu

    I really like the atmosphere of this decoration. A little cocooning and vintage … This makes a very nice effect!

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