Let me introduce myself.

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Sorry I’ve never really introduced myself to you. Talking about myself and who I am feels kind of strange and that’s the reason why it took some time to write this blogpost. But now I think it’s time to tell something about me. If you are interested read it, if not stop here.

So let’s start: I’m Alessa, 24 years old and I was born in this amazing City called Schwelm. I grew up there, spent my childhood with my best friends Gusti and Jascha, played a lot of tennis and started modeling very early. Like some of you already know, I have one older sister Anna. Since we became older we stopped fighting and became best friends, travel partners and of course soulmates. We partyed a lot, spent our holidays in ibiza and began to travel the world together. Tokyo, Shanghai, Vietnam, Kuala Lumpur, the Westcost, Sri Lanka and a lot of european countries, islands and cities. Today I can’t imagine a life without her. After school I started studying Business Administration in Duesseldorf and Anna started to work there for Sony. That’s the reason why we moved in together.

During my studies I went abroad to study one semester in California. I had an amazing time over there, travelled a lot, met amazing people and sometimes I still can’t believe that I really lived over there, that I was jogging at Venice Beach, was rooftopping in L.A. and saw the most amazing sunsets.

In November I finished my Bachelor thesis about Snapchat and in the end of January I am done with my bachelor.

It feels very strange to talk about who I am, I can just tell you that I love to travel, I love fashion and do a lot of sports in my free time. But now it’s time to give my mac book to my beloved sister who knows me best and consequently can tell you something about me, my character etc.

When you first meet Alessa you will eventually be mislead by the impression that she is a very shy and introvert person. But this changes as soon very quick (if you made it into her heart 🙂 She is a creative mind, always having an eye for good motives, angles and colors; she truly inspires and never was a follower of anything but giving direction and inspiration. Alessa is a person who is cool and not just pretending to be, authentic and fair. She is a very bad singer too but apart of this and most important she is loving, intelligent, passionate, funny and of course the most important person in my life.

So, now you got some little impressions and insights and I hope you like this kinda blog post. If you like it, tell me and  I will post more stuff like this or just sing a song for you 😉

xx Alessa

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